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  School year is divided in two terms
  • 1st term June - Nov.
  • 2nd term Dec - Apr/May

Evaluation Procedures -  Unit end class test, surprise test
                                      -  Form ative assessment
                                      -  Summative assessment
                                      -  Scholastic through various teaching programmes

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation

School Schedule

  • Pre primary -                9 AM  to 12:00 Noon (Monday to Friday, holiday on Saturday)
  • Primary -                      7:30 AM  to 1:30 PM (Monday to Friday),  7:30 AM  to 12:30 PM (Saturday)
  • Secondary -                  7:30 AM  to 1:10 PM (Monday to Friday),  7:30 AM  to 12:30 PM (Saturday)
  • Higher Secondary -      7:15 AM  to 2:10 PM (Monday to Friday),  7:30 AM  to 12:15 PM (Saturday)

Uniform and Others

  • Uniform / I-card / school diary / Text book of syllabus / Details of reference books will be provided by the school.
  • Additional requirement of uniform will be parentís responsibility.
  • All students to carry a 'HANKERCHIEF' everyday (a neat and tidy one)
  • Improper hair - nails - uniform shall invite disciplinary action.
  • Any change pertaining to schedule, time etc. will be intimated well in advance (if any)
  • Winter wear is part of the school uniform and will be provided by the school.
  • Jewellery, mobile phones, costly wrist watches etc are strictly prohibited except for small ear studs for the girl students.

For Parents meeting with

  • Staff - During PTM
  • Co-ordinator - With prior appointment and only on Saturdays
  • Principal & Management - With prior appointment.
    (I). After 02:00 PM only (on working days)
    (II). After 12:00 Noon (on Saturdays)
  • Communicating through school diary on all days
  • Parent are to intimate their wards absence under all circumstances.


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