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(Additional Charge of Managing Trustee & Physics Faculty)

Revolution through education:

Unlike many others, I believe that educational activities play a vital role in a studentís career building and putting to practice, the fully nourished and characterised thought. This can go a long way in bringing about the most awaited change in the direction of development and advancement. That is when an individual contributes towards nation building.

Hope the sheer efforts by one and all in this organization along with the duly needed direction would do wonders on the lives of the students passing out from this organization.


Principal & Campus Director

(Additional Charge of Maths Faculty)

There is always a room for improvement but to give the best at every moment is the need of the limitless improving era. Every dedicated effort with latest developed technology is the right of every child at my premisis and...... I do understand the same......... Shall ensure happening that way.




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