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Annual celebration of sports meet

Annual celebration of sports meet: A must must activity that supports students to release academic pressure and re-creates the enthusiasm team spirit, sportsman spirit, competitiveness etc.

Cultural festivals and National festivals.

Festivals celebrated in every part of the country around the year and schools are no exceptions, cultural awareness and patriotic feelings are enlightened through these celebrations.


Extra curricular activities of music, Yoga, Drawing, Art & craft

Every individual is gifted richly by inbuilt talent as a god gift school extends an opportunity to every student through extra curricular activities so that the students of this vidhyalaya can remain second to none in these fields also.

Indoor games & Outdoor games

Seasonal changes, hectic schedules, lack of time and situation, forces at time, not to take up some events/ sport repeatedly hence, the organization encourages the students by provided host of indoor & outdoor games and sports.


Picnic, Fieldtrips, Educational trip etc.

Excursions, trips etc. inculcates practical experience in the students to acquire ability to independently and practically take exposure to enter the world beyond the academic environment of the school campus.



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